List of White Sugar Companies in Cameroon

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List of White Sugar Companies in Cameroon. White sugar, also called granulated sugar or table sugar, is made from refined sugar cane or sugar beets. First, food processors juice the sugar cane or beets, and then they boil the cane juice to evaporate the water. The raw sugar is then clarified in centrifuges that spin the sugar at high speeds to remove the sticky brown syrup that coats sugar crystals, known as molasses. Once the food processors have refined the sugar, they run it through a natural carbon filtration system to remove impurities and further whiten the sugar granules. The resulting table sugar is chemically pure sucrose. Sugar is considered a natural carbohydrate.

White Sugar

Granulated white sugar and other natural sugars are sweeteners used in all types of foods, including baked goods, sweetened beverages, and savory dishes. It’s worth noting that not all granulated white sugar is vegan. Some sugar companies use bone char to whiten the granules. If you prefer vegan sugar, look for unrefined sugar or organic sugar, such as coconut sugar.

Here List of White Sugar Companies in Cameroon

Atlantic Sugar Supplies Ltd

Contact Person :Atlantic Sugar

Telephone :237–790–00000

Address :13 street avenue ,Muyuka Muyuka South West 00237 Cameroon

Camsu Company Ltd

Contact Person :Nicholas Philips

Telephone :237–237–75874028

Fax Number :237–237–33322227

Address :Ndu Nkambe Bamenda 00237 Cameroon

Fax :237–237–33322227

Farmers Royal Ltd

Contact Person :BEN CLIFF

Telephone :237–5375–2879

Fax Number :237–335–55678

Address :Ngassa Street Bonaberi Douala 00237 Cameroon

Fax :237–335–55678

Nosuca Sugar Company Ltd

Contact Person :Mohammed

Telephone :237–9703–2810

Address :Tiko 260 Tiko South west Province Cameroon

Website :Visit website

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Sonder Jansen Cam

Contact Person :Henry Clerverly

Telephone :237–237–93161168

Address :23 reu commercial Douala Litoral Cameroon

Camsugar Trading Plc

Contact Person :Mukete jones

Telephone :237–519–78449726

Address :Kalikon part 23308 Foku building Bamenda Buea road. North West Province. Cameroon Bamenda North West Province 00237 Cameroon

Georges Sugar Inc

Contact Person :Georges Tin

Telephone :237–79–455345

Address :2nd Street Soppo Buea South West 237 Cameroon


Contact Person :Mr. James Reilly

Telephone :237–78–5063–4402

Address :123/234 Rue de Bonaberi

Zip/Post Code :00237

Website :Visit website

Mbito Farmers Plc

Contact Person :Abdoulah Zakih

Telephone :237–720–88337

Address :fernando street Akwa Akwa Littoral Cameroon

Eco Field Co. Ltd

Contact Person :Mohamadou hadji

Telephone :237–77449469–774



Contact Person :salem amaddu

Telephone :237–7577–0372

Fax Number :237–3343–3421

Address cameroon littoral 237 Cameroon

Fax :237–3343–3421

Global Farm Ltd

Contact Person :Robert Ronchert

Telephone :237–9120–6964

Fax Number :237–9120–6964

Address :Limbe Limbe S/W. Region 00237 Cameroon

Fax :237–9120–6964

Frakkas Group & Co LTD

Contact Person :Mr Rafael Gonzalez

Telephone :237–9086–1741

Address :P.O box 142,Bomaka ,Buea-SWP,Cameroon Buea South West Region 00237 Cameroon

Steve Ollens Sugar & Oil

Contact Person :Steve Ollens

Telephone :237–79–455345

Address :Molyko 3rd St Buea South West 00237 Cameroon

Nasocam Sugar Plantation Ltd

Contact Person :Acham

Telephone :237–00–0000

Fax Number :237–00–0000

Address :bafia road 78Y,de Bafia Cameroon

Fax :237–00–0000

Best Foods Company

Contact Person :Paul

Telephone :237–00–95138802

Address :30 Bonaberi Industrial Zone Douala Littoral Cameroon

Akenji Company Limited

Contact Person :ngwa jonnes

Telephone :237–7981–6491

Address :121 laga maga street maroua far north Cameroon


Contact Person :Mr. meme traders

Telephone :237–97799790

Address :street 12

Zip/Post Code :41910


Contact Person :Mr. louis scott

Telephone :237–94837815

Address :13 Bota waker rd

monga products limited

Contact Person :Mr. njiesse richard

Telephone :237–78170108

Address :12 rue des princes

Nexdim Exports Ltd

Contact Person :hamed yusuf

Telephone :237–00237–336198

Fax Number :237–00237–336198

Address :21 Ali street,roumde adija Garoua north province 00237 Cameroon

Fax :237–00237–336198

Awa and Son Group of Companies LTD

Contact Person :Sabrina Damston

Telephone :237–330–51750

Fax Number :00237–330–51750

Address :20 west bonaberi st Douala Littoral 00237 Cameroon

Fax :00237–330–51750

Mac Lopez Tranding Company

Contact Person :samuelbanks

Telephone :237–782–20040

Address :58746 obili center Cameroon

Source Mull Trading LTD

Contact Person :Curry Hunter

Telephone :237–92–427385

Address :1.3 nambeke street ave. Limbe Buea South West Region 00237 Cameroon

Kah Trading Ltd

Contact Person :Kah Wung

Telephone :237–9852–666

Address :Mile 11 Route d’Idenau Limbe Sud Province 00237 Cameroon

Slan Ventures International

Contact Person :ABBA HASSAN

Telephone :237–237–91567298

Address :465 industrial estate Limbe south west region Cameroon

Dominique sugar company

Contact Person :Dominique

Telephone :237–7708–9167

Address :ring way street los angeles california 90001 Cameroon

Tembasa Exports Ltd

Contact Person :Tembasa Lovet

Telephone :237–00237–336198

Fax Number :237–00237–336198

Address :Ali street, Garoua North 00237 Cameroon

Fax :237–00237–336198

Primesug Industry

Contact Person :Christain Pliure

Telephone :237–00–75931214

Address :14 king road Ekona Southwest province 00237 Cameroon

Cam Sugar Source Ltd

Contact Person :Fisha jones

Telephone :237–237–97074235

Address :benz street nkogsamba westen region 237 Cameroon

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